Vista Series Visual Analog Nurse Call System

Analog Nurse Call Systems

Although we are known for our digital nurse call Ultra System, our commitment to analog nurse call systems continues. After all these years, there remains a demand for analog nurse call systems. Appropriately, we continue to produce and upgrade these systems with newer components. Even after upgrades, all of our systems are compatible with each other generation after generation.

Nurse call systems’ evolution goes hand in hand with the needs of healthcare communications. Patient, staff, and administrative needs for added features continue to increase.  As a result, the added complexity increases the costs of nurse call systems. But wait, does a system really need all those unnecessary features?

The solution: Analog Nurse Call Systems

Vista Visual Nurse Call System analog nurse call system

Analog nurse call systems are affordable, reliable, and low maintenance. They are also easy to install and staff-friendly. Finally, an analog system with current up-to-date engineering and quality construction. If voice communications is not a requirement, the Intercall Vista Series is your best choice.

The Vista Series (Lights & Tone System) is one of our most popular systems. Highly reliable and easy to use, the Vista series is often the least costly option.  It is a robust system with up to three levels of calls (normal, emergency, and code blue/staff emergency).  The series includes models that show up to 150 calls in the system.  It has only the features you need. The Vista annunciator panels are available in four versions.