MICRA nurse call communications. Innovator of nurse call systems

Innovator of Nurse Call Systems

The Leading Innovator of Nurse Call Systems

Thousands of hospitals and staff facilities have our nurse call systems.  Many of these systems are over 35 years old and continue to operate. Moreover, these systems are still serviceable. This legacy is the result of our products being backward compatible. With that said, Intercall is launching several new products in 2018.

The MICRA is our Newest Nurse Call System Innovation

MICRA Nurse call master station Innovators of Nurse Call SystemsAt one-third the size of the 9000 master station, the MICRA is a stand-alone master. It comes standard with the same software features as the full ULTRA systems. The MICRA incorporates the basic features of the UNC9210 including Direct Call and Utility screens.  Additional features include Staff Locator, Nurse Follower, Patient Scan, and more. This self-contained unit consists of a 7-inch touch screen display and audio communication module. The audio communication module includes a 2-way amplifier with a 2 1⁄4-inch speaker and electret microphone for hands-free communication plus a handset for privacy.  If a second master station is needed, the MICRA is the perfect solution. It can also serve as the master station on a floor with fewer rooms. The MIRCA is UL listed and ready for delivery.

As a leading provider of nurse call products, Intercall Systems now offers a choice of medical-grade computers.  The Phoenix-MG belongs to the Intercall Systems Ultra Nurse Call product line. It truly complements the standard Phoenix as part of the master nurse call station. For some situations, nurse call applications do not need the specific demands of a medical-grade system. However, for those that do, the Phoenix-MG is up for the tasks.

Enhancements to the Phoenix-MG

Intercall Systems Releases a Medical-Grade Touch Screen Computer

  • Sealed Bezel – Front sealed bezel that makes cleaning and disinfecting easy and no need to worry about liquids getting inside the system.
  • Antimicrobial Housing – Special housing helps prevent the spread of germs.
  • Touch Screen – No keyboard or mouse required, but they are provided (both anti-microbial).
  • Flexible Software – This powerful user-friendly Windows®-based software gives the staff endless options to customize communications.
  • Integration with Ultra System – Both the Phoenix and Phoenix-MG touchscreen computers interface with the  Ultra Series Nurse Call system.

It is important to know that the Phoenix-MG has passed the rigorous UL 1069 certification process.  As a result, it is now available to healthcare facilities.

Often when a new nurse call system is installed or retrofitted for an older system, entire floors need to be shut down.  Unfortunately, this disruption reduces the hospital’s operating efficiency. The RJ45 Assembly Module allows Intercall Systems to install individual rooms one at a time. As a result, this leaves the remaining rooms operational until such time they can be vacated for the installation of the new system.  The circuitry distributes power, data, and audio to a set of stations from a single loop connection. This approach allows for the installation of stations to an active floor using CAT6 cable.

By the way, our engineers are regularly adding new features and reports to the Ultra system. The Ultra’s powerful user-friendly Windows®-based software gives the staff countless options to customize communications.  Reporting features do not require a second application or third-party app. Management reporting is standard with the Ultra System.

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As a leading nurse call system manufacturer, our mission and vision are to provide the most reliable, easy-to-use, and staff-friendly system.