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Installation Costs

Installation costsNurse Call System Installation Costs

When considering nurse call system installation costs, including installation estimates and final equipment costs, it gets confusing.  Ensuring you are comparing apples-to-apples in the selected system’s features and technology, it’s important to view the actual installation costs.  Why? It costs just as much to install a less expensive nurse call system as a quality system.

There are no shortcuts in installation costs. In fact, the only true difference is the quality of the system chosen for the project.  With installation costs equal for both a quality system and a less dependable one, the perceived savings are a liability in downtime, maintenance delays, and lack of needed features.

With Intercall you have a choice among feature-rich systems. Best of all, our systems only have high-quality components and experienced engineering. In addition, all products are UL® certified for safety and made in the U.S.A.

Consider This

The Vista series is the sturdiest and low-maintenance system on the market today. The Legend & Equinox Systems are living proof that ease of use need not be a sacrifice for system sophistication. As part of the feature-rich and dependable Ultra system is the new MICRA master station. Choosing the MICRA offers significant savings in space and cost. Moreover, the MICRA only has the necessary features that nearly all hospitals use.