Audio Visual Nurse Call Systems


Legend II

The Legend II by Intercall Systems is an audio-visual nurse call system. Its design meets the needs of any facility. Available in 12 to 84-station capacities, the Legend II offers you the benefit of combined audio/visual functionality without the need for microprocessing. Its practical design allows for connecting and disconnecting switch modules with ease. Features include nurse call follower, staff dispatch, and group and all call paging. Also, the Legend II offers an optional third level of calling for code blue/staff emergency.

Equinox II

Intercall Systems offers two Audio/Visual nurse call systems that will meet the needs of all medical facilities.  The Equinox II brings audio/visual nurse call communication to a new level.  This cutting-edge microprocessor-based, LCD master station monitors a system capable of supporting 24 to 72-call locations. This system handles normal, emergency, and code blue/staff emergency calls. Additionally, it comes with room audio scan, personal attention mode, service reminder, nurse follower, and paging options for staff, zone, or all page.


  • Nurse Call Follower.
  • Group Page/ All Page/ Corridor Page / Staff Page.
  • Code Blue/Staff Emergency/Staff Assist.
  • Room Audio Scan. Programmed by the nurse to listen to critical patients on a sequential basis for a period of time
  • Personal Attention Mode. Program a patient station to originate a Personal Attention call. This type of call is canceled only at the patient station of origin.


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Audio Visual Nurse Call Systems
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From our state-of-the-art software-based Ultra series to the Vista visual-tone series and the Audio-visual system you have a choice. With our extensive line of nurse call products, you can select the most cost-effective model to meet your specific needs.

The Ultra System

A high tech computer based system with decentralized operation.

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MIcra Series

a microcontroller based stand-alone master station used to receive and answer calls.

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Vista Series

A visual and tone based nurse call system that can support up to 150 calls.

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The Equinox/Legend Systems

Our Audio/Visual analog based systems.

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