Intercall Systems Releases a Medical-Grade Touch Screen Computer

Medical-Grade Touch Screen

NCS Medical-Grade Touch Screen

Intercall Systems releases a nurse call medical-grade touch screen.  The computer is known as the Phoenix-MG and is now UL 1069 certified. The computer is available for both the standard Phoenix and the Ultra nurse call product line.

Intercall Systems Releases a Medical-Grade Touch Screen ComputerHospitals and other healthcare facilities all rely on computing power to manage patient care and communications.  As a leading provider of nurse call products, we understand that some nurse call applications do not need the specific demands of a medical-grade touch screen computer. However, for those that do, the Phoenix-MG is up for the task.

In addition to the NCS Medical-Grade Touch Screen

Sealed Bezel – Front sealed bezel that makes cleaning and disinfecting easy. No need to worry about liquids getting inside the unit.

Antimicrobial Housing – Special housing helps prevent the spread of germs.

Touch Screen – No keyboard or mouse required, but they are provided (both anti-microbial).

Flexible Software – This powerful user-friendly Windows®-based software gives the staff endless communication options.

Integration with Ultra System – Both the Phoenix and Phoenix-MG touchscreen computers interface with the Ultra Series.

The Ultra Series offers room-to-room communication, hands-free voice communication, and liquid crystal display. It also includes a staff locator, infrared detector interface, staff emergency button, and much more. The Phoenix-MG all-in-one touch screen master station totally controls how the system functions.