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Essential Hospital Call Button for Medical Professionals

The nurse call button is an essential safety feature in any hospital environment. Modern IP nurse call systems or hospital bed nurse call button allow for a streamlined operation of nurse emergency calls, enabling quick responses to nurse needs and reducing patient wait times. Hospital bed call button are usually placed at the head of the bed, wall or wheelchair, allowing nurses and patients a convenient way to communicate with each other for help when needed, and shortens overall wait times on average.

When pressed, hospital emergency call button are used to instantly alert the nurse station or other designated areas while simultaneously providing information like which room the nurse is in and what type of assistance has been requested. This system of call button in hospital allows staff to quickly respond to patient needs, ensuring that one press of a nurse alert button never goes unnoticed by hospital staff.

The Ultra System

A high tech computer based nurse call system with decentralized operation.

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Micra Series

a microcontroller based stand-alone master station used to receive and answer calls.

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Vista Series

A visual and tone based nurse call system that can support up to 150 calls.

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The Equinox/Legend Systems

Our Audio/Visual analog based nurse call systems.

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Technology and Hospital Call Button

Incorporating the internet into nurse call systems has revolutionized the healthcare sector. Every component of a hospital call button can be managed by a central server that completely understands what each interaction means, making it much easier for staff to respond in a timely manner. For example, nurses no longer have to wait to be paged or depend on loudspeakers for announcements; text messages are sent directly to their mobile devices so they can react quickly in an emergency situation that could potentially save a life!

User-friendly call button in hospital – positioned conveniently alongside hospital beds, wheelchairs and elsewhere  – also ensure that patients can always reach out for assistance when needed. With all these options available, healthcare professionals can remain attentive while fulfilling their duties and continue providing top-notch care.

Choosing a Call Button Nursing Home

The call button nursing home, hospital bed call button, and hospital emergency call buttons are now integrated with the latest in internet-based technology. This means that communication via voice-over IP (VoIP) can easily be incorporated into your institution, allowing patients to talk directly to their primary caregivers until they can be seen physically. This feature is invaluable in understanding a patient’s needs faster and providing better long-term care. It also allows for a hospital bed nurse call button sysytem to be customized to the size of any healthcare facility, ensuring a reliable operational flow no matter the capacity.

So, whether your hospital is in a sleepy small town or large city, we have the right solutions to help make life easier on your staff and patients. With loads of options and easy install, the nurse call push button is a no-brainer.

Nurse Call Systems

Get alerted when patients get out of bed or push nurse alert button


Installing an IP-based call button on hospital bed system allows for faster response times to patients in need, simplifying tasks for staff and eliminating the need to make rounds. Installation is a breeze and implementation with staff is well received by hospital staff.

When a patient presses their nurse call button, their room communicates their needs (such as a glass of water or a sheet change) in real time and any sort of discomfort is quickly addressed without any manual processes or having to stand by a desk or even worse, miss a life saving call!

Blinds can also be opened and closed with the right integration of the system, allowing requests to be filtered to specific departments. With nurse call push button that respond to reliable buttons like those found on hospital beds and emergency call buttons, your staff can now provide quality care with greater speed and less hassle. Worry less about scrambling to meet needs and more about levels of care and ensuring that hospital guests are well cared for.

Nurse Call Staff & Duty Stations

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