Audio Visual Nurse Call Systems

Nurse Call Communications

Searching for nurse call communications equipment?  Let’s cut to the chase and tackle decoding nurse call communications.

Reliability is Key

Simple or complex, effective communications rely on a healthcare institution’s trust in its nurse call system. The staff with reliable information can confidently put the patient’s needs first. Choosing the right system for the unique needs of the healthcare center requires a reliable strategy. With a plan in hand, building a system to provide dependable nurse call communications is possible.

Getting the Job Done

Intercall Systems Inc. is a company that focuses solely on engineering nurse call systems. And we do it with a passion. We offer several models as a place to start. The following is a summary.

visual nurse call stationLess is More

The Vista Series: Tone and light nurse call systems are trustworthy. For some healthcare settings, a complex computer-based system is too much. The Vista series is low-maintenance, simple, and versatile. It accommodates up to 150 calls in the system. Optional corridor dome lights for rapid response are available. Also, patient, staff, and duty stations are easy to operate.


The Legend and Equinox Series: Analog still has a place in nurse call communications. Besides, voice communications will always be the best way to get the message across. That said, we offer two audio/visual-based models that remain among our best-selling units.

Equinox nurse call communicationsThe Legend II is an analog system and can hold between 12 and 84 stations. It is available with staff dispatch, staff emergency, code blue, nurse follower, group, and all call paging capabilities. It is the ideal nurse call for the budget-conscious smaller to the mid-sized institution.

When additional features are a requirement, the Equinox II microprocessor-based system will handle the extra information. This powerful system can handle as few as 24, and as many as 72 call locations. The Equinox II LCD clearly combines light, tone, and voice signals. Programmable features include nurse follower, room audio scan, patient status, staff page plus group, and all page functions.

User-friendly nurse, patient, and emergency stations customizations are available for both the Legend and Equinox series.

More Please

The Ultra Series is for institutions requiring a cutting-edge nurse call communications system. The advanced technology of the Ultra Series advances a multi-tiered solution to this need.

The Ultra 9000 Series room-to-room communications is a high-end device. It is built within the Ultra series software. Hands-free components are in place for busy nurses on the go. In addition, patient bed exit Nurse Call Communicationsalarms and staff locator systems are in place for today’s advanced hospital security needs.  Touch-screen master stations visually display the status of up to 144 hospital rooms in real-time. The Ultra series can produce spreadsheet status reports and manage nurse duty shifts.

Best in Show

Intercall Systems has been in the business of designing nurse call systems for half a century. Moving forward, we continue to be a proud contributor to the development of the nurse call industry. Sit down with one of our engineers and build a solution. All of our products are  UL® 1069 certified.