Nurse Call Stations


 Nurse call stations are available in two basic models: the single bed unit and the dual bed station (for use by two patients). In addition, stations are available in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-gang. Three and four-gang nurse call stations take an array of optional features, including code blue, service reminder, and event detector. Further options include intercom through the pillow speaker, bed exit alarm, status switch, and connections to beds with side-rail communications. All of our nurse call stations are UL® 1069 certified.

nurse call station
nurse call patient stations


Nurse Call Staff & Duty Stations

Staff/Duty and Staff stations provide staff members the ability to engage in two-way voice communications with the nurse call station. Additionally, examining rooms, day rooms, and other services or public areas use these stations for communication between medical staff and the master station.

Duty stations have audio/visual indicators for the presence of three different levels of calls in the system These calls include normal, emergency, and staff emergency.




The Ultra series patient stations provide a convenient means of placing calls to the nurse control station.  In addition, hands-free two-way voice communication is possible with the nurse. Nurse call stations are microprocessor-controlled and communicate via a databus that transmits and receives pertinent information.


Manual call origination via a corresponding cordset. Plus, automatic call origination whenever the cordset is accidentally unplugged from its device.

  •  Uses recessed high-reliability DIN connectors.
  •  High-reliability tactile-effect cancel switch and emergency switch.
  •  Green CALL LED indicates a call placed. Red MONITOR LED lights when the nurse control station monitors the patient’s room. Blue CALL LED indicates an emergency call is placed.
  •  Dedicated inputs for toilet emergency and code blue.
  •  Microprocessor circuits for all operating functions.
  •  2 1⁄4-inch 25-ohm loudspeaker for natural voice reproduction.
  • Sensitive electret microphone for quality sound pickup.
  •  Quick connect/disconnect prewired edge connector for simplified installation and service.
  •  Standard 3-gang, high-impact, non-conductive, flame retardant, ABS plastic faceplate with Lexan overlay (printed second surface to resist wear from usage and chemical cleansers).
  •  Optional features include a sounder to alert staff members of system activity.
  •  Accepts external devices for processing and transmitting to the master station.
  •  Two audio communication channels in “PK” models.
  •  Self-testing algorithm to alert master station of patient station condition.




Single patient station with side rail communication (Ultra 6000 System)


Single patient station with side rail communication (Ultra 9600 System)


Single patient station (Ultra 6000 System)


Single patient station (Ultra 9600 System)


Dual patient station (Ultra 6000 System)


Dual patient station (Ultra 9600 System)

Side rail stations are configured to utilize all standard functions through the Hill-Rom or Stryker beds. Lights, audio, bed exit, and call are controlled from the bed.
If the bed is unplugged, the operating features are automatically returned to the station.


/CB…………………….Code blue (switch on station)
/SE…………………….Staff Emergency (switch on station)
/DOC…………………Call Activation (switch on station)
/R………………………Staff Locator
/L ………………………Light Control (see RM module spec sheet)


Faceplate……….4 1⁄2” H x 6 3⁄8” W
Backbox…………Standard 3-gang
Flush mount…..Steel City #H3BD & 3GC cover



The Ultra patient station is a high-end state-of-the-art microprocessor-based station. This station utilizes a 2 x 24 backlit LCD for step-by-step functional information. By pressing a button or using the optional infrared sensors for automatic presence identification, the LCD will show the room number, patient, and type of calls in the system. In this mode, scanning and room-to-room voice communication are possible. This station features ten levels of calls: normal, priority, staff assist, and code blue. When the station is in the staff presence mode, a built-in tone generator sounds various and easily recognizable signals to distinguish call types. The Ultra 9000 system has the capability of interfacing with infrared technology as well as with pocket pagers, printers, and wireless telephones.


  •  State-of-the-art microprocessor.
  •  2 X 24 backlit LCD.
  •  Dedicated software operates on an RS485 databus.
  •  System call scan button.
  •  IR input for infrared sensors.
  •  Internal volume control.
  •  Cordset receptacle accepts pendants with 8-position DIN.
  •  Quick-connect/disconnect prewired connector for simplified installation and service.
  •  Standard four-gang faceplate, high-impact, non-conductive, flame-retardant, ABS plastic faceplate with a Lexan overlay (printed second surface to resist wear from usage and chemical cleansers).
  •  Amber LED indicates call placed; red LED illuminates whenever the patient’s room is called by any other stations.
  •  Manual call origination via the corresponding cordset. Automatic call origination whenever the cordset is accidentally unplugged from its receptacle.
  •  Accepts remote reprogramming for special application updates.
  •  Answer button for communicating with stations that are shown on the LCD.
  •  Sensitive 2 1⁄4-inch microphone/loudspeaker.
  •  Staff presence button.
  •  Intersystem voice communication or monitoring.
  •  Staff emergency button for originating priority calls with push to talk override.
  •  Hands-free communications.


  •  One-button operation.
  •  User-friendly informational display.
  •  Modular design for easy maintenance and service.
  •  Watchdog timer to ensure correct microprocessor operation.



Special software algorithm continuously checks data memory. Decentralized operation: any patient station can answer calls and have voice communications with other stations in the system.

Faceplate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 1⁄2″ H X 8 3/16″ W
Backbox . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Standard electrical four-gang box
Flush mounting . . . . . . . . . . .Steel City #H4BD box with 4GC gang cover
Surface mounting . . . . . . . . .Wiremold #5744-4


UP910/SA. . . . . Single patient station for side rail communication with DIN receptacle, a four-gang faceplate with Staff Assist.
UP911 . . . . . . . .Single patient station with DIN receptacle, four-gang faceplate.
UP920 . . . . . . . .Dual patient station with two DIN receptacles, four-gang faceplate.

Nurse Call Stations, Nurse Call Stations
The Ultra System

A high tech computer based system with decentralized operation.

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Nurse Call Stations, Nurse Call Stations
MICRA Series

a microcontroller based stand-alone master station used to receive and answer calls.

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Nurse Call Stations, Nurse Call Stations
Vista Series

A visual and tone based nurse call system that can support up to 150 calls.

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Nurse Call Stations, Nurse Call Stations
The Equinox/Legend Systems

Our Audio/Visual analog based systems.

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Nurse Call Stations, Nurse Call Stations

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