The Ultra System: Built for what you need today and in the future.

nurse call Ultra System

The Ultra Series is for health care facilities that demand an advanced quality nurse call communications investment.  The Ultra System by Intercall Systems is the most powerful and advanced system in our line of nurse call systems. Yet this abundance of power is harnessed with intelligent design.

Caregiver and patient alike can find common ground in the Ultra Series’ accessibility, while the healthcare manager has the confidence of a long-term solution with the capacity to customize as institution’s needs change and grow.

Intercall’s Ultra software is the backbone of the Ultra Series. This powerful user-friendly Windows®-based software gives the staff endless options to customize communications. Once the program is set up to meet your needs, changes to the many programmable features can be done in the hectic hospital environment in real time.

Ultra Series offers room-to-room communication, hands free voice communication, liquid crystal display, staff locator, infrared detector interface, staff emergency button and many more standard features. Touch-screen master stations can visually display status in a call screen of up to 144 patients, utility rooms or any other location in real time. The Ultra series can even produce spreadsheet status reports and manage nurse duty shifts all in one contained system.

The all-in-one
touch screen master station gives you total control over how your system
 functions, and our advanced micro processing technology allows the station to operate independently from a central exchange. Optional features are nearly limitless with the ability to connect and interface with other hospital systems and networks, internet and any networked IP device, including smart phones.  The Ultra Series is made for customization, giving you the freedom to program features perfectly suited to your facility’s needs.