UL 1069

What is UL 1069 Standard?

UL nurse call and emergency call systemsUL 1069 Standard for Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment—This Standard applies to the traditional equipment found in the hospital environment. In the U.S.regulatory system, emergency call systems are considered non-medical devices and are subject to distinct standards that address their critical functions.

These requirements cover the individual units employed to form a hospital nurse call system (NCS) intended to provide audible and visual communication between patients and hospital personnel. They also cover miscellaneous signaling equipment employed in hospitals. Some examples include bedside tables, annunciators, power supplies for nurse call systems, and gas monitoring units.

All of Intercall Systems’ nurse call system products are tested and approved for the UL 1069 Standard.

Find out more on this subject on the UL website at https://www.ul.com/services/nurse-call-and-emergency-call-systems.