Visual/Tone Nurse Call Systems

Visual/Tone Nurse Call Systems 

visual/tone nurse call systems

Annunciator Panels from 8- to 150-capacity

Intercall Systems is known for its high-end digital nurse call Ultra System with voice communications. However, we enduringly commit to our quality visual/tone nurse call systems and products. Why? Because architects, engineers, and project managers continue to request the Vista System (Lights & Tone System). For example, there remains a need to install these systems in nursing homes, hospital acute care rooms, exam rooms, and more. We continue to produce as well as upgrade the visual/tone nurse call systems to the latest components. All of our systems are backward compatible. This approach allows each generation of systems to be operational with one another.

Vista nurse call systems are quality-made, affordable, in addition to reliable low-maintenance systems. Besides, their ease of installment makes them popular and quick to train staff on. The Vista uses current engineering and quality construction. Therefore, the Vista is economical while providing the features you need. If your project doesn’t require voice communications, then the Vista Series is your best choice.

The UL® certified Vista Series offers up to three levels of calls including normal, emergency, and code blue/staff emergency. Incredibly, the Vista can show up to 150 calls in the system. Annunciator panels are available in four versions as well. Available in two and three levels of calls and in either 8-, 16-, 24-, or 32-light panels. The visual panel’s clean design emphasizes visibility by using large 1-inch diameter indicators and bright long-life LEDs. An optional fourth call level is available on special orders.